Henrik is proud to be working with some of the world’s leading organizations in over 25 countries.

Meet Henrik Scheel

Henrik is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur with a great passion for public speaking. Over the past 15 years Henrik has started 4 companies and worked with over 10,000 entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, educators and students.

Henrik enjoys speaking to all audiences ranging from top executives to high school students and he is known for his unmatched energy and unique approach to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

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Henrik Scheel

What MY Clients Say

I got the opportunity to be a part of Henrik’s lecture at Stanford University. It was easily one of the most informative, captivating and interactive lessons I have been a part of. Henrik taught us about creativity, improvisation and ideation. He also talked about how each attribute could be inspired and evoked both individually and within a group.

- Kevin Adato,
Stanford University

He disguised himself as Henrik but he’s actually the Energizer Bunny. Henrik is a really charismatic guy bubbling with energy and eager to impart knowledge. The event I attended at Santa Clara University hosted by him has to be one of the best/most productive weekends of my life.

- Yajas Dwivedi,
Santa Clara University

Awesome workshop! I Really enjoyed interacting with my fellow teammates in creating and fleshing out new innovative ideas. Lots of interesting insight on how a startup functions and what we can do to be more entrepreneurial.

-  Benjamin Miller,
Senior Engineer, Twitter

In my 8 years of college experience, this was hands down the best course I have taken. Although extremely fast paced and challenging, it will give you the confidence and experience to start your own business or consult someone else. I can’t recommend this course enough!

- Keith Coughlin,
Thunderbird School of Global Management

Professor Scheel brought his real-life experience and knowledge, which made this course super interactive. It was such a pleasure getting feedback from a successful entrepreneur like himself. He taught us how to start a business, and we actually got to launch it in the marketplace.

- Jessika Baker,
Thunderbird School of Global Management

I was lucky enough to attend the Microsoft Imagine Cup Accelerator for a week long training course on getting our app off the ground.Two of the best speeches we were given by Henrik from Startup Experience! They were super inspiring and gave us all really good info on how to pitch our ideas, and plan our projects and ideas!
Thanks Henrik!

-  Ryder Donahue,
Microsoft Imagine Cup

I joined Startup Experience at NYU in partnership with Intel and Rebecca Minkoff. I had my own startup before, and now I'm trying to build another one. Henrik is such a great speaker and educator and what he taught me and my co-founder has helped us push our project to a new and better direction. I have to thank Henrik for his inspiring and energetic event - It's definitely an experience that has changed my life!!!

- Lolaly Luo,
New York University

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